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Wake the Tiger

Project Write Up


Wake the Tiger


Wake The Tiger,

127 Albert Rd,




Wake The Tiger


July 2022

The Brief:

The challenge was broken down into three parts:

Part 1 - Concept To aid the initial concept / narrative development with visualisations and creative layouts to inform and inspire the range of individuals who were going to be taken on board in the later stages of the full project. Being the first ever Amazement Park, this project was a true creative journey where we came together with Dead Walk Designs to provide creative visuals to support the initial and developing narrative, working with the team we aided in the development of the story from a visual design perspective. With this sort of creation having never been done before, the concept developed and grew overtime, taking many different forms, and it was imperative that we remained open to changes and adaptable throughout. Part 2 - Grade Art Exhibition (Research & Development) - Elder Forest

We were asked to create an interactive, sensory psy forest space, with a hidden escape room, which was also a ‘walk through room’/transitional space that needed to accommodate visitors who wish to move straight through the exhibition, as well as those who wish to stop. The space needed to be designed with flexibility in mind to allow people to move as quickly or slowly as they like without disrupting the experience. For the four sections of this large area, a different creative was taken on to tackle each certain segment, Imagineerium, Dead Walk Designs, Annie Chapter and Doug Francisco from Invisible Circus.

Part 3 - Cafe Bar

Function / Practicalities A cafe bar space that was to include, a bar, adaptable seating depending on event type, a children’s area / breastfeeding area, event stage (that could also be a seating area when not in use), crowd flow and fire safety evacuation routes, as well as entrances into the room from the main entrance and from the end of the experience. The space had to be safe and accessible for all ages and we were keen to focus on sustainability when it came to the design and fabrication of the environment.

Being an R&D project and the concept for the world’s first Amazement Park, the brief was ever changing, even during the creation process. The ideas changed from being a realm of celebration to a toyshop inspired room with moving kinetic elements, to the final decision of a space that referenced the four guilds Earth, Air, Water and Fire and their transport modes.

The Design Solution

We focused on referencing the four guilds Earth, Air, Water and Fire through modes / ports of transport that align with them. This included a magnificent overhanging airship, illuminating hot air balloons, an overhead train track that moved between castles in the sky, as well as the stage area being designed like the inside of an old ship with barrels and a large moving compass. Our gesture to fire comes through a more symbolic concept creating a sense of connection around a campfire, the gathering of people in one place to share stories and tales, to discuss their experience of the Amazement Park and allow interactions to embrace the public much like the embers of a fire.

The Challenges
  • We came across some logistical issues when the architectural building works took a lot longer than expected and clashed with our work start date

  • The client’s narrative was continuing to develop as we worked through designing and delivering the project, and due to the changes, we had to remain reactive and adaptive

  • Creating movement reactive lighting for the Elder Forest

  • How to design for children, with help from a qualified consultant. We were more aware of all the things you need to consider in terms of safety and taking note that they will play on and touch anything and everything. Due to this, the design needed to be durable, with no sharp edges, and there were a whole host of other considerations we have to bear in mind for the health and safety of children

The Fun Elements
  • Designing such an imaginative / creative space

  • Designing an escape room

  • Collaborating with talented craftspeople (e.g. Olly Hallet - Metalworker who made the Airship)

  • Designing a moving overhead train track

  • Creating movement reactive lighting for the Elder Forest

  • Asking the plasterers to do a purposefully bad job to make the walls look old (they were gobsmacked)

Client Feedback / Testimonial (quote):

“We worked with Imagineerium from the initial creative concepting to the delivery of our amazing cafe alongside the initial prototyping of one of our immersive rooms for Wake The Tiger Amazement Park. They have no problem getting on board with complex visions and always up for throwing themselves into a challenge. They are professional, hard-working and dedicated to meet a project's requirements without compromising on quality. Most importantly working with Imagineerium is an absolute joy as every member of their team brings enthusiasm and an incredible amount of positive energy to a project.”

Graham Macvoy, Co-Founder and Managing Director


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