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Imbibe Live 2022

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Imbibe Live is an annual interactive event and THE place to be for anyone who sources, buys or sells on or off-trade drinks. From soft drinks to spirits, and everything in between, the event unites the entire drinks industry and helps to inspire, incite and connect.

Imbibe Live welcomed visitors to the Olympia Grand Hall in Kensington, London at the beginning of July and showcased an array of exhibitors, partners, tastings and masterclasses; one of them being The Public Spirit, a company that prides themselves on offering ‘liquor with a conscience’ and ‘straight up good drinks.’

Brand Stands

Thanks to The Cocktail Service, we teamed up with the brand from concept to completion to create a truly unique exhibition stand that not only showcased what The Public Spirit has to offer, but also told the story of the brand.

Public Spirit Brand Stand @ Imbibe Live 2022

Designed by Imagineerium

‘For drinker’s who give a s***’, The Public Spirit puts the world first, whilst providing uncompromising quality and feeding 4 people per 1 bottle sold. With over 5,500 meals donated so far, our vision for the brand stand was to ensure their message and passion to help those in need was bold, clear and impactful.

Through repetition of their slogan, bold fonts, bright colours standing out from a black background, we had a design in mind that would put their initiative of ‘cheers to doing good’ at the forefront of the exhibition, whilst also sparking a conversation in the industry of how other brands can make a difference. Inspired by demonstration placards, the design was made to be eye-catching from a far and portray the political noise the brand wishes to make.

For this event, we designed the stands for not just one, The Public Spirit, but two exciting new drinks brands who were showcasing their products at the event.

Phoenyx Spirits approached us with the idea of a double brand stand to promote their new line of bitters. Phoenyx Spirits were keen to showcase the heritage of these spirits and loved the idea of a museum-like display cabinet. They were keen to illustrate the heritage assets from the brands they have managed to collate and were proud to display archived posters, as well as vintage bottles of spirits, taking attendees on a road down memory lane. As a brand new company, they were also looking to have the intricate, detailed and creative logos stand out, while putting their product to the forefront of their exhibit. Phoenyx Spirits provide a true gesture to the history of liquor and we are very excited to follow their journey as they explode onto the market.

Phoenyx Spirits Brand Stand @ Imbibe Live 2022

Designed by Imagineerium

Final thoughts

We really enjoyed working with both The Public Spirit and Phoenyx Spirits, turning their initial ideas into reality, elevating their products and exposing their brand and message within their community as well as on a larger scale.

From this experience we have learned that we absolutely love working with brands looking to make a difference, that go against the grain and aim to inspire their industries to think differently. We enjoy collaborating with like minded companies combining our team’s creativity and design expertise to take brands into the future and make them stand out from the crowd…

Imagine that!


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