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What’s On - Bristol's Immersive Experience Scene 2022

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Bristol’s cultural scene is fast becoming a great competitor to London, with a whole host of experiences and events taking place here in the city. Even though we may not get to enjoy the number of immersive experiences that London puts on display, there are a number of unforgettable experiential events and strong-holds that are a must do in Bristol at the moment.

From art installations to virtual reality experiences, Bristol’s wealth of creatives is expanding dramatically and the innovation on the design scene is beginning to match the other artistic hubs in the UK.

So what does Bristol have to offer for that total immersion of the senses?

Experience Bristol Cathedral like never before as the Luxmuralis: Space Voyager Light show returns in November 2022. From the 1st - 5th the immersive light show will take spectators to the edge of the universe and back again following a journey of light and sound. Transporting visitors through the expanse of the universe, the light art show is curated by the collaborative team from Luxmuralis, a projection art gallery that focuses on taking their exploration of fine art and new media to public spaces and making it accessible for all.

A collaborative team, combining artists from different backgrounds and artistic disciplines, have worked together to curate the light art show that will be accompanied by a bespoke soundtrack and projected onto the stunning architectural features of Bristol's Cathedral. Suitable for all ages, with fast-moving light and loud music throughout, this spectacle is one not to be missed!

Image from Yuup

Immotion VR is a new world of experiences in the centre of Bristol, brought to you by a team of world-class CGI experts and innovative content creators who, through state-of-the-art motion platform technology, transport customers through an out-of-this-world experience.

From diving with sharks to racing the fastest cars in the world, flying on dragons and escaping a haunted mansion, this fully immersive experience dares you to step into another realm and experience a new reality. With fully rotating pods and 180 degrees of movement, audiences are placed in the centre of the world, loaded with the hands on tools to fully embrace the experience both visually and physically. This unique and ever-changing experience is open all year round and can be found in Cabot Circus, providing consistent and high-quality immersive opportunities for all ages.

On July 30th this year, Wake the Tiger opened its doors in Bristol. As the world’s first ever Amazement park, the attraction is an immersive experience like no other. Interactive, detailed and surreal, visitors are guided through a multi-layered labyrinth of creativity from secret passageways to discover hidden forests, tunnels and portals that are as magical as they are thought provoking.

By fusing underground art and ancient wisdom, people have a chance to reconnect with their environment and cultivate a community on their journey. Exploring themes that range from connection to innovation and discovery, audiences embark on a truly interactive walkthrough art experience designed to make them think about their impact on the environment. We at Imagineerium, are very proud to have been a part of the process and design of areas in the attraction, including the cafe and Elder Forest and loved collaborating with so many talented individuals to bring such an exciting new experience to our hometown, Bristol.

“An abandoned time capsule of fantastical experiences,”1 this brand new experience provides a truly unique dystopian escape that was designed and created through the collaboration of some of Bristol’s finest artists. Bold and wildly imaginative, this is an experience that is not to be missed!

Imagineerium’s concept and design for Wake the Tiger!

Image from SEE Monster

Just a short drive away from Bristol, is the greatly anticipated SEE MONSTER. Having served in the North Sea, the rig is now taking its retirement in the Bristol Channel and is one of the UK’s largest public art installations.

Weighing in at 450 tonnes and 35 metres high the decommissioned North Sea offshore platform is home to an immersive exhibition that aims to spark nationwide and global conversations about the reuse and repurpose of materials, as well as renewable energy.

Inspired by the great British weather, everything has been designed to withstand the elements of the coastal environment and has brought together a whole host of people from the arts, engineering, science and design to make something that is truly innovative. From a 12 metre waterfall cascading down the side to a shimmering scale underbelly made from a grid of hexagonal metal plates, the experience encourages interaction and playfulness, creatively bringing to life a “monster of the sea,” emphasising animal qualities that relate to a mythical creature.

The design enhances a greener, more sustainable future, with the power generated from the Solar Tree and the Wind Nests being stored in batteries and utilised for use throughout the structure. Along with a valuable education and learning programme, this immersive experience is a defining moment for many industries in the UK, as well as the world, highlighting the importance of our impact on the environment.

Final Thought

With these many exciting immersive experiences popping up in and around Bristol, it really is an exciting time to be a design agency in the city. We relish in the fact that so many innovative artists are looking to go against the grain and make a noise through their creations for a bigger, brighter and greener future.

It was a true pleasure to have played a part in the concept, design and creation of some of these designs and we cannot wait to see how Bristol’s immersive experience network begins to grow over the next few years, joining the ranks of some of the major cultural hubs in the UK…

Imagine that!



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