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WOW Stage! SilverHayes


WOW! Stage, Silverhayes


Glastonbury Festival


Glastonbury Festival


22nd June - 26th June

The Brief:


To create a Techno, House, Electronic DJ LED stage and dance area that would run from 12pm to 3am each day and can facilitate daytime raving, with a space to hangout and relax, transitioning into evening and being THE place to be for nighttime raving. The brief was to design and build an enclosed space, that was not tented, with a stage facade, fitting in with the ethos of future-facing, sustainability and the natural world. Focusing on forward-thinking, combining new technologies with tangible architecture, the motive was to bring together established artists from all over the world to represent the Glastonbury community, using light art to bring the stage to life and heighten the immersive experience.

The Design Solution

  • We used clever CNC work to construct a contemporary fanning slatted set design to frame the stage and external bar

  • At one with nature, we designed the WOW sign in such a way that it looked to be growing up from the ground

  • Sticking closely to the brief focusing on sustainability, we also reused old wooden pallets to create seating areas around beds of flowers and plants

The Challenges

  • Building everything on site, rather than arriving with some pre-fabrications

  • Even though some infrastructure was supplied from a separate budget we still struggled to stretch quite a low budget for this project

The Fun Elements

  • Working in the great outdoors with a fantastic team, reuniting with previous colleagues and meeting some new innovative craftspeople. We enjoyed seeing the developments of those we have previously worked with and learning from new creatives we have added to our pool of freelancers

  • Attending the festival is also always a highlight for us. Getting to see some of our favourite artists and inspirational thinkers from all areas of the creative industry from music to design and impactful speakers to exciting interactive installations. We absolutely love witnessing the talents of the festival line-up, from the main to smaller acts, those on the world platform, as well as the amazing things that go on behind the scenes


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