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Money Heist the Experience: London

Updated: Apr 10, 2023


Money Heist: The Experience, London


Old Christie’s Auction House 79-85 Old Brompton Rd,

South Kensington,




Netflix, Fever Up & Bearded Kitten


Nov 2021 - Apr 2022

The Brief:

Bearded Kitten were provided with a brief to devise an exciting storyline for an immersive experience that follows the third season of the award winning Netflix series ‘Money Heist’ (La Casa de Papel). It was to transport audience members into the centre of an action packed setting of the biggest robbery in the world, where they would become hostages and help the infamous gang steal the gold bars from the vault at Penington’s Auction House.

Our brief was:

  • To be lead designer

  • Support the conceptual narrative development of the new show

  • Design all 20 spaces throughout the experience

  • Produce moodboards for each room

  • Create realistic 3D visualisations for each room

  • Liaise with the Build Manager and Art Director to make production decisions

The Design Solution

  • We started by getting familiar with the series and brand

  • Initially moodboarding each space focusing on how the colour / lighting changes from room to room to ensure the audience felt transported on a journey through the different spaces

  • Some transitions were gradual, others were harsh, but each room had its own exciting aesthetic

  • Visualising the spaces of the experience

  • Purposefully hiding exits from the participants to keep them on their toes and continuing a theme of uncertainty, immersing them into what would feel like the real situation

The Challenges

  • Problem solving how to blow up the vault door using theatrical trickery, to then have it back to its original state for the group that follows 15 minutes later

  • With a love for immersive theatre, the team really enjoyed going back to their theatrical roots for this project

  • Collaborating with escape room experts to design the spaces and finer details of the escape rooms

  • Designing the museum archives space where an actor roams around and hostages have to hide and also find dynamite. We enjoyed researching many archive storage systems and the possible hiding spots within them. We loved the fun computer game aesthetic with UV tape outlining the furniture / storage items

Client Feedback / Testimonial:

“Imagineerium supported our design team on some of our larger scale projects and it was a total joy. The team are a group of highly creative individuals with a dedicated work ethic and really lovely people to collaborate with. With fast approaching deadlines and constant changes, their patience and professionalism made each process smooth and painless. I would highly recommend working with these guys for any of your project needs.”

Lucy Hodgson, Director at Bearded Kitten


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